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March 30, 2013
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Jeff sat under a tree watching the others searching for the Easter eggs – Slenderman had hide an hour ago. A cold breeze lifted his black hair and Jeff could smell the flowers in their backyard. Sally made a little crown out of them and gave one to everyone. Even Jeff got one no matter if they are teasing each other every single minute they had spend together. He watched as she bow down into the bushes and when she stood up again she held a little, pink egg in her hands. Sally put it into her basket and searched for another one. Jeff's eyes wandered over to Jack, who couldn't find anything. Masky helped him with the search and after a minute Jack found a blue egg. Jeff chuckled and looked to Smile. The dog played with Ben, who threw an egg over the field. Smile ran after it and caught it. The dog smiled even wider when he ate the yellow thing. Ben looked so happy the whole day... He smiled and laughed all day and had fun with his friends. But he wasn't looking for any eggs. >Weeks ago, he couldn't wait for Easter and now he isn't searching that damn eggs... Why the hell was he annoying me all the time if he wasn't planning to look for the Easter eggs?< Jeff sighed and leaned against the tree. He looked up to the sky and watched the clouds.
One cloud looked like a person to him. >Strange... That cloud looks like...< Jeff shot up and ran some steps forward – so the tree wouldn't be in the way – and stared at the familiar looking cloud. “L-Liu...” Suddenly he heard a voice. The voice he missed the most since years. The voice he knows better than someone else. Jeff heard his brother's voice. *Happy Easter, Jeff. I hope you have fun.* “H-How could you... How can you be here? Why am I hearing your voice?” A silent laugh sounded. *That doesn't matter, brother. Did you see 'your' Easter egg yet?* Jeff was confused. He could finally speak with his brother again and everything he had to say was about a stupid Easter egg? “What are you talking about? Why should I search a damn egg? I'm fine with the others looking for them.” *Don't be silly, Jeff. You are not supposed to find it. It'll find you.* Jeff was even confused more. “Huh? What the hell are you talking about? Tell me!”

“Jeff? Are you alright? Why are you yelling at a tree?” Jeff turned around and saw Ben who watched over to him. He looked as confused as Jeff was. Jeff smiled when he saw him. He always smiled but if he saw Ben it made his soul smile. He felt warm and happy if Ben's around him. Jeff would even call him his best friend. Or maybe... more than a best friend? “I'm fine, Ben. I was just... Nevermind.” Ben smiled at him and called for Smile, who jumped into a bush. He took his empty basket and took a dog biscuit and gave it to the always grinning dog. “Good boy.” Ben looked to Jeff again.

“Are you guys coming? Slendy said the picnic is starting in a few minutes!” Jack's voice cut the silent. He stood some metres away from Ben. “Yeah, we're coming!” Ben went in Jack's direction but stopped after some steps. He turned to Jeff who was still standing in front of the tree. “Will you come, Jeff?” The boy stepped forward but looked back to the cloud again. “Ye-yeah, I'm coming in a minute!” “Alright. But don't stay there too long or I'll eat all your sandwiches.” Jeff put on a crazy but playfully expression. “If you DARE to do that, I swear to the faceless Slenderman, I'll cut you to pieces!” Ben laughed sarcastically and ran to Sally who sat next to Slenderman on a blanket. They started eating and Jeff looked to his brother again. “Now tell me what you meant with 'It'll find me'. How the hell could an egg find me? Are you high or something?” *Haha! No, Jeff, I am not. Just wait for it. Be sure it will be a nice surprise. You only have to wait for your Easter egg to find you.* Jeff groaned annoyed and headed to the picnic place. “Fine. Whatever you want, bro.”

Ben ate his sandwich and talked with Sally. She was a good girl. She always teased Jeff but they like each other even if they would never admit it. It was fun watching them have a fight or something like that but Slendy always interrupt it. Good for them. One of the two would get hurt if he didn't stop them.
He ate more of his sandwich and glanced over to Jeff who protected his food like a lioness her babies. Ben smirked and thought about stealing one of them only to bother him a bit. But Jeff didn't let him. He observed Ben with such an eagle eye so Ben wouldn't get the chance to steal him his beloved food. “Don't even think about stealing my sandwiches, Ben.” Ben chuckled and bit in his own. “Why should I. I have my own, you know.” Jeff came closer to him and grinned at him and ate a sandwich up with only one mouthful. Ben could feel his breath on his cheek and his heart beat quickened. “Know my food is save.” Jeff was so close to him but Ben couldn't do anything. Jeff poked him and they started playing. They laughed and fought playfully with each other but were stopped by Slenderman. “Stop playing around, you two. Not while we're eating here.” The two laughed and sat still for a while. After some time they could go and search for more eggs but Jeff just made his way back to the tree. Ben looked after him and thought of something for a little while. He snickered and sneaked around the field – so Jeff wouldn't notice him while he was coming from behind. >Let's see, how I can Jeffy scare the most.<

Ben sneaked around the tree and wanted to scare his friend from behind but Jeff was fallen asleep. He had covered his eyes with his hoodie. He wore his black shirt and one hand lay on his chest. He looked so peaceful when he was asleep. Ben smiled and sat down next to him. He giggled quietly and lay down. He looked over to the sleeping Jeff. >Always smiling, huh? Of course you are.< Ben breathed in the fresh air. He could smell his friend next to him. He liked how Jeff smelled. He liked everything about him but he could never tell him. He sighed. >If I tell him the truth, it could destroy our friendship. I don't want to lose you, Jeff...< Ben sat up and hesitatingly lay a hand on Jeff's. He felt warm under his hand. Suddenly Jeff's hand moved and took Ben's, who shivered when he noticed that Jeff was awake. “Yo-You're awake? I... I didn't mean to...” Jeff covered his mouth with one finger. His eyes were still under his hoodie. “Why didn't you search any Easter eggs?” “Well... It wasn't funny without you. You sat here under that tree all the time. Were you too lazy or what?” “Shut up. Lay down again and enjoy the silence.” Ben hesitated but lay down next to Jeff – still holding his hand – again.
They lay there for minutes until Jeff took his hoodie from his eyes, sat up and leaned above Ben. They looked each other in the eyes. Ben was nervous and tried to escape Jeff's look but Jeff took his face in his hand and forced him to look in his eyes. Sweat rolled over Ben's forehead, he blushed and he shivered. He was afraid of Jeff's reaction and he was afraid of losing his best friend he loved the most because he loved him so much.

“You are my Easter egg.”

Ben was confused. He had expect another reaction than that. >What does he mean with 'Easter egg'?< Ben couldn't speak for a minute. He stared at the killer above him. “W-What do you mean with that?” Jeff snickered and brought his face closer to Ben's. Their noses almost touched each other. “Liu was right. My Easter egg found me. You are the nice surprise he meant. You are my Easter egg, Ben... and I'm happy that you found me.”
Ben watched him coming closer. When his lips touched his, he felt his heart skip a beat. Ben closed his eyes and kissed Jeff back.

>Liu... you were right. The surprise found me.<

Jeff broke the kiss and looked into Ben's eyes. He smiled and looked way more relaxed. “You're a good kisser, you know?” Ben blushed and poked Jeff on the chest. “Shut up.” He grabbed his shirt and pulled him into a kiss.

Sally sat some metres away from the tree and watched them kissing. The girl giggled and stood up. “I knew it.”
Have a nice Easter, my friends :D

I'm sorry if it's shitty written. I wrote this at 12:30 a.m. okay? I was tired and couldn't think clearly ^^;

No shit, I reeaaally love that pairing :iconblushplz:

Some of you asked me for a second chapter and I thought: "Why not?"
Chapter 2: [link]

BEN (c) Jadusable / Creepypasta
Jeff, Jack, Slendy, Masky etc. (c) Creepypasta
Sally (c) :iconkiki-hyuga:
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It's nearly easter. :)
Awwwwwwwwwwww and dat sally at the end! XD
PikaHolly Mar 13, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Sally: I knew it.

Me:LOL ROFLMFAO at that line...lost it!!!!
Sally should have brought a camera. :)
Lol yeah and send me those pics!
haileyanimefreak Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
The fluff is overwhelming!! :) 
LitleSlend Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
''YOU ARE MY EASTER EGG'' how ironic.
LitleSlend Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When jeff gets the egg:

*egg runs to jeff*
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